Herold Alvares
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Herold Alvares is an extraordinary artist/painter who was born without arms due to a congenital birth defect. He is a native of Limbe, Haiti and now resides in Port-au-Prince. Alvares was raised at the St. Vincent School for the Disabled in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where, at an early age, learned to write and to cultivate his artistic talents. Alvares is an artist and teacher with extraordinary talent who paints with his feet and mouth. He draws from a variety of traditional and contemporary themes to create acrylic paintings that are imaginative, colorful and at times surreal. Read more


Upcoming Schedule of Events

Prints and originals will be available for purchase beginning June 2013.

Come view Herold Alvares, master painter/artist demonstrate his amazing talent. See how this artist creates his masterpieces with his feet and mouth.
Date Time Event
2/10/2012 TBA The Harlem Fine Arts Show
2/11/2012 TBA The Harlem Fine Arts Show
 2/12/2012  TBA The Harlem Fine Arts Show